10 Eggs for Dinner Recipes

10 Eggs for Dinner Recipes
When you get home, you want something filling, warm, and easy to prepare. Enter the versatile ingredient: eggs. Whether they are whipped up plain with just a sprinkling of salt or incorporated into a savory dish, eggs make dinner quick and tasty.
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Taco Innovator Roy Choi Explores A Culinary Mashup With Google Glass
Sure, some cookbook collections still sell, and every now and then a Jessica Seinfeld tome might take off like a (questionable) rocket, but mostly people are content to source recipes online and prop a screen near their cooking station. It's just a …
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Chefs are Mexico's new corps of diplomats
These “Tex Mex” fast food interpretations discredit a cuisine that has arose from ancient civilizations that pre-date the arrival of the Spaniards. SEE ALSO: Chef Oscar … Diego Rivera's daughter, Guadalupe Rivera, author of the cookbook of Frida's …
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