Airy Pancakes with Strawberry-Sour-Creamy Topping

Eastern Pancakes

Where did pancakes come from? This warm, fluffy, sweet, cozy and simply gorgeous dish seems to be international. Judge for yourself: if the Americans and the Russians are both nuts about it, pancakes definitely have a potential for connecting continents and souls.

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Every nation has its own favorite recipes and beloved toppings, but in my family, we prefer making toppings out of frozen (or fresh) berries and sour cream. Such topping as chocolate or mashed banana increase the calorie content, so it’s up to you… But I agree: they are heavenly tasty!

This dish became the symbol of Sunday for my family. We start this day with pancakes for years, and now my kids have strong association: Sunday means the day for God, for family and some rest, and this day starts with very homely, unhurried and fantastic breakfast. So, unintentionally, I have discovered a cool way to teach my kids to love and respect this day.

Fluffy pancakes with sour cream and strawberry topping is a perfect way to pamper my beloved ones and myself with something yummy. I have tried tons of recipes from the cheapest to the most intricate, but this one is really a good balance of easiness, affordability and top-notch texture. Another advantage of this recipe is that it involves little oil. I’m not a fan of greasy pancakes, and it forced me to reject pancakes made out of kefir or sour milk because they seemed to absorb too much oil.

I know many of you will say that pancakes are unhealthy because they are pure quick carbs, so what? Yea, this dish is not for your weight loss program, but I’m sure the atmosphere it creates is for heart. Plus, we try to balance it with the wholesomeness of sour cream and frozen strawberries or raspberries.

Pancakes I offer you to cook are light and airy like biscuit. The ingredients are plain, and cooking process is easy. The only snag here is the availability of mixer. So, OK, let it roll!

Airy pancakes with strawberry-sour-creamy topping! Ingredients


The Ingredients
Pancake Mix Ingredients


  • 1 cup (250 ml) of milk
  • 1 cup of flour
  • 3 eggs
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar
  • Pinch of salt
  • 1 teaspoon of baking powder
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil (you can use any other vegetable oil you like)


Take two clean and dry (!) bowls (medium and big) and separate whites from yolks. Yolks go into the big bowl, and whites go into the medium one. Do it carefully and prevent yolks from getting into the “whites” bowl. You will have to whip whites with your mixer later.


The Yokes
The Yokes


2. Put sugar in the bowl with yolks, and stir it well. Then add half of milk and stir again.


Final Prep of the Mix
Pancake Batter Prep


3. Pour flour into the bowl and mix the mass thoroughly to make it smooth. Leave no lumps.




Batter Texture


4.Then add baking powder, stir and pour in the rest of the milk. The batter looks quite liquid at this stage. Put this bowl aside.


The Mixing
Mixing the Batter


Stirring the Mix
Stirring The Mix


5. Add a pinch of salt to the whites and whip them with your mixer until the mass is firm and doesn’t flow down from the bowl if you turn the bowl upside down.


Batter Mixing
Using the Beaters


Airy Mix
The Texture is Airy


6.Add whipped whites to the previous bowl carefully, and mix it gently moving the mass from the bottom to the top. Do not mix it with your mixer!!!


Mix Bowl
Airy Mix

7. When the batter is smooth, add two tablespoons of oil and mix gently.




Prep of the Pancake Mix
Pancake Mix

8. Put your non-stick pan on the medium heat (maybe later you should turn down it a little bit). You don’t have to pour oil on the pan. Just oil it with couple of drops. Oil we added in the previous step is enough for baking pancakes on the “dry” pan.

Step 7 Pancake Recipe
Pancake Mix Recipe Step 8


9.Pour batter with your scoop on the hot pan creating a circle.



Pour the Mix
Pancake Mix Ready to Pour

10.Watch your first pancake. In 10 seconds or more, tiny holes will appear on the surface of your pancakes, and it means you can try to turn over it. I’m pretty sure that you’ll easily find your own time for each side. Put baked pancakes on the plate building a “tower.”


11.When all pancakes are baked, prepare the topping. Don’t be afraid of cooling your pancakes. Piled this way, they will keep the temperature, so you have time. I recommend fresh or frozen berries mixed with sour cream. A cup of top-notch coffee will complement the great breakfast.


Pancake mix
Pancakes on the Stove


Mixing Airy Pancakes
Airy Pancake Recipe Step 11 Ingredient Mix




13.After such a cozy meal, great mood for the rest of your day is guaranteed. Sweet pancaking to you all!


Ukrainian Pancakes
Eastern Pancakes
Eastern Pancakes









11 thoughts on “Airy Pancakes with Strawberry-Sour-Creamy Topping

  1. смачно, просто і ароматно! є місце для фантазії з начинками. але є і один недолік – млинці швидко з’їдаються 😉

    • У нас теж дуже швидко з’їдаються, ми вже давно перейшли на півтори норми )) бо у нас Левчик їдок іще той

  2. Прекрасний рецепт. Мої діти дуже люблять млинці.

  3. Yeah, pancakes are the best way to make happy yourself and others. Sometimes it can replace food and cookies and i wanna try on this recipe!

  4. oooooh!!! it looks sooo yummy! I’ll definitely try to make them for my tomorrow breakfast!=)

  5. I love it Anya! We have been a Sunday morning pancake family for years 😉 ! Your line about it “not being a part of a weight loss program, but for the atmosphere of the heart” is so true! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Thank you, my dear! I’ll try to cook the same for my family!!!!!& hope to try in your home))))))))

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