Lemon Chicken

You may have encountered this dish in a Chinese restaurant and have loved it, but do you wish you knew how to cook it? Lemon Chicken is a pan fried, lightly floured chicken breast with a very succulent lemon sauce made of lemon jam and rice wine vinegar which gives it that tangy taste. Flavor-wise, […] Read More

Peach Betty

I guess you have all heard about the dessert called apple betty right? May it be from your neighbor’s grandmother, a cousin or even from your own family tree. Basically an apple betty is a cross between a bread pudding and an apple cobbler. Imagine eating these two all at once…sounds delicious right? I myself […] Read More

Buffalo Chicken Salad

Looking for a healthier dinner recipe with minimal amount of prep and cooking required? Ever thought of doing a salad and thinking that it won’t be boring like the other usual ones? I guess I got your attention already and believe me I can eat this salad daily and still enjoy it. Everybody loves buffalo […] Read More

Gameday Mushroom Poppers

Seems like everybody is ready for gameday and the usual prep includes, chips and dip, hot chicken wings, sliders and sausages. However have you been thinking of making your gameday food a little healthier and light while cheering for your team? Here’s a great and healthy fried mushroom dish with dip to still give that […] Read More

Brunch Hash Browns

Hash browns are very tricky to make but super yummy to eat. Don’t mistake this for the fastfood and the frozen kinds though as these are healthy, homemade and NOT Deep Fried. Personally I love potatoes especially when they’re hot, crisp and golden. Hash browns have been a huge part in our breakfast and have […] Read More