Basic White Bread Recipe – Easy To Follow Instructions

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Basic white bread recipe ! I’ll show you step by step how to make bread at home. I go through every step from start to finish, without skipping a step. I hop…
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I developed this recipe to teach 5 year olds how to make bread. I now get accosted by their parents almost on a daily basis for the recipe because it is so e…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

42 thoughts on “Basic White Bread Recipe – Easy To Follow Instructions

  1. I’ve made homemade bread a couple of times before and was wondering why it
    sometimes would turn out too dry. Also I like this one loaf recipe which is
    hard to find here one Youtube. Thanks for explaining this so well.

  2. this has to seriously be the best vid I have watched on bread making, both
    in presentation as well as instructions. 

  3. What if you don’t have a loaf pan? Would the dough keep its shape or take
    the shape of let’s say a round pan? I’m sorry if this a dumb question but
    I’m new to baking.

  4. I just made your bread. It was sooo good, we ate almost everything. Thank
    you for this easy recipee.

  5. I’m baking this bread tomorrow, I’ll let you know how it turns out.

  6. Hello! Yesterday I did your bread recipe with great success!!! It is soft
    and delicious!!! Thank you very much for sharing that simple but tasty
    recipe with us!!

  7. Hey I’m 12 going on 13 and I dident have a bread pan on me so I used a
    square tin it still turned out great and I thank u for that and since he
    recipe was soooo easy to follow I bett u any body could make this decisions
    bread even my grand Man I just wanted to say thanks thank u

  8. Thank you for the recipe. I must say if you have a wife she is lucky. You
    can bake every item at home, fresh and delicious. 

  9. Hey back again…i thot i should let u know Best Bread Ever! Just got it
    out of oven and its just like u said crusty exterior and soooft inside ♥♥
    Thanks for being so helpful.

  10. Hi 12mgrace ! You are REALLY going to enjoy baking with your new kitchen
    toys 🙂 They really make many tasks just very simple ! I”m excited for you
    ! 🙂 Thanks for the comment, and thank you for watching my videos, I
    appreciate every one of my subscribers ! so thank you. Enjoy your new
    KitchenAid mixer and food processor 🙂

  11. thx for ur reply!!I wanna try baking tis bread ..but can I hv the
    measureament in grams for the butter?

  12. Hi Lizeth, wholemeal flour is very popular in the U.K. it’s still
    wholewheat flour but it has actual “flakes” that you can see in the flour,
    for that reason I’d maybe go with 1/4 of wholemeal flour in that recipe.
    Start off on the low end with wholemeal flour, so 3/4 of your flour is all
    purpose, and 1/4 is wholemeal flour, that way you can adjust your recipe in
    a future recipe. This will allow you to test the recipe better. Changing a
    recipe’s flour too much may give you results you don’t…

  13. Hi dianetina, ah great to hear 🙂 Thanks for letting me know, it’s nice to
    hear great feedback. Thanks for watching and try it out !

  14. Hi juzmiiB, you could if you wished, you’ll still end up with a great loaf.
    Thanks for watching 🙂

  15. response #2/2 … may give you results you don’t like. So… start with 1/4
    of that flour, and then the next time, you can increase it to 1/2 wholemeal
    flour. Now, if you wish, and you wish, try it with the 1/2 wholemeal flour,
    and maybe it will work for you. You don’t want a loaf of bread that is too
    dense, so it is like a rock and you want to throw it out the window 🙂 I
    hope that helps Lizeth ! Thanks for watching 🙂

  16. sorry it was wholemeal flour* instead of all purpose flour.

  17. hi! What is the difference between all purpose flour and bread flour?

  18. all purpose has less protein, bread flour has a higher gluten %, so more
    gluten is developed.

  19. Loved the part when you took the knife to the loaf you cooked, the blade
    slipped off the tough crust, and then it sounded like you were cutting into
    wood with a hacksaw HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! priceless!

    Oh and of course the kids are gonna vote when they see mum vote, they’ll be
    copying you! Hey, at least you’re feeding the family and not the big
    corporations with their chemically enhanced poisoned breads and your kids
    will grow up far healthier for it that’s the main thing. So well done on
    that front.

  20. Well you got My Vote as well… it’s plain to see you are a Winner. What a
    Nice looking family you all are. I wish you good luck.

  21. loved your video!!!Never thought home made bread could be so good!!! Well

  22. You’re leaving-out the fermentation phase of the flour and yeast. Long
    fermentation time (8-12 hours) will improve the flavor of the bread.

  23. Good vid. I will try your method the next time I make bread

  24. sorry about the youtube snob comments, i just had a simple question… ah,
    cup measurements? At least for the liquids? And i imagine you say
    “kenwood” like some of us say “kitchenaid” simply meaning “stand mixer”
    right? As opposed to a wooden spoon, so im not sure what all the idiocy
    down below is about, but if you are gonna youtube im sure you will learn to
    develop a thick skin as well as your lovely dough. Hope to be seeing more
    of you and your lovely family soon.

  25. ‘gonna try ‘Kate’s’ bread making tomorrow 🙂 good video !!!

  26. Kenwood IS better than kitchenaid hands down.Have mine 25 years

  27. Excellent! Thank you so much! Best wishes from Russia )))

  28. Rainbow? Good grief, your interpretations of what someone says, how they
    say it and what they mean is terrible. Im asuming you are a very jealous
    sort of person? I have a kenwood chef too, I have 2 fan assisted ovens. Im
    right up myself so I am! Pfffft.

  29. Got a Kenwood for Xmas & was looking for bread recipes- we all love yours
    the best-thanks so much for posting :)

  30. It’s a tasty bread ….regardless of whether you know the chemistry or not
    LOL!! (does that even matter).
    As for the other unnecessary comments well actually they are meant to be
    helpful…if you bothered to listen…. If you don’t like the video maybe
    you should share all that knowledge you have by going away and doing a
    better one.

  31. That was a great recipe! Thanks for sharing such an awesome video!! :-)

  32. hi kate we made your recipe for bread the mrs and me and it was lovely
    thanks very much keep up blogging happy xmas all

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