Brunch Hash Browns

Hash browns are very tricky to make but super yummy to eat. Don’t mistake this for the fastfood and the frozen kinds though as these are healthy, homemade and NOT Deep Fried. Personally I love potatoes especially when they’re hot, crisp and golden. Hash browns have been a huge part in our breakfast and have […] Read More

Weeknight Waffle Pizza

Everybody loves pizza but not everyone can be capable of making one at home unless you buy some pre-packaged pizza crusts. However I know everyone loves waffles too right? So why not combine these two favorites and have a waffle pizza! Sweet and savory at the same time with all the cheesy goodness every pizza […] Read More

Baked French Toast

Ever feel like waking up in the morning and just pop something in the oven to cook while you’re fixing yourself up and getting ready to go out to work? Well yeah I guess everyone has been trying to find the best way to accomplish this feat. If you just love French toast and would […] Read More

Turkey Frittata

Hello Everyone and Happy Thanksgiving to all! Today is the day we say thanks for all the blessings in our life and for everyone who has contributed to our well being. However I doubt it if any of your friends and family will be able to help you out with the leftovers due to their […] Read More

Filipino Breakfast – Tapsilog

The Tapsilog is the most famous Filipino breakfast dish and favored by most Filipinos as their feel-good food which will remind them of home. This term is actually derived from three words which make up the dish, first is the TAP – for the Tapa (Cured beef), then the SI – for the Sinangag (Fried […] Read More