Slow Cooker Chicken Cacciatore

The Chicken Cacciatore is for my opinion one of the best chicken stews I have tried and repeatedly eaten and cooked in my career. The blend of your vegetables, chicken, tomatoes and wine make it have that really great taste especially after you add the aromatics and herbs which makes truly and authentic Italian Dish. […] Read More

Q&A: recipes for the crock pot?

Question by Daisymay: recipes for the crock pot? i just got one the other day and i made a roast was pretty good but i would like to use it more often i just dont know what to make in it so im in need of some recipes Best answer: Answer by airford1whats nice about […] Read More

Easy Recipes for Crock Pot Ribs

Easy Recipes for Crock Pot Ribs It’s easy to make mouth watering, fall off the bone pork ribs when you’re cooking with a crock pot.  Crock pots are perfect for cooking ribs because they cook at such a low temperature over a long time.  The covered slow cooker seals in the juices of the meat […] Read More