Gameday Mushroom Poppers

Seems like everybody is ready for gameday and the usual prep includes, chips and dip, hot chicken wings, sliders and sausages. However have you been thinking of making your gameday food a little healthier and light while cheering for your team? Here’s a great and healthy fried mushroom dish with dip to still give that […] Read More

Brunch Hash Browns

Hash browns are very tricky to make but super yummy to eat. Don’t mistake this for the fastfood and the frozen kinds though as these are healthy, homemade and NOT Deep Fried. Personally I love potatoes especially when they’re hot, crisp and golden. Hash browns have been a huge part in our breakfast and have […] Read More

Poached Chicken With Sesame Ginger Sauce

Chicken, probably the most versatile and most enjoyed protein around is usually grilled and fried. However have you tried poaching them? Poaching brings in the juiciness of the chicken and makes it healthier without the oils when frying. This recipe actually tastes similar with the Hainanese chicken rice but without the dipping sauces. This is […] Read More

Weeknight Waffle Pizza

Everybody loves pizza but not everyone can be capable of making one at home unless you buy some pre-packaged pizza crusts. However I know everyone loves waffles too right? So why not combine these two favorites and have a waffle pizza! Sweet and savory at the same time with all the cheesy goodness every pizza […] Read More

Grilled Chicken with Succotash

I recently came across this great new recipe and have cooked it a lot of times already. Its very easy actually and guess what, its only under 400 calories per serving! What’s even better is that the ingredients are readily available everywhere and can be cooked in a jiffy. Grilled chicken breast is basically my […] Read More

Caesar Salad with Grilled Shrimp

One of the most common and classic salad is the Caesar and believe me almost all restaurants have their own version. However only a handful can make a really good Caesar Salad (especially the dressing). This salad is super simple and super healthy and delicious. It requires very minimal ingredients but could keep you filled […] Read More

Baked French Toast

Ever feel like waking up in the morning and just pop something in the oven to cook while you’re fixing yourself up and getting ready to go out to work? Well yeah I guess everyone has been trying to find the best way to accomplish this feat. If you just love French toast and would […] Read More

Baked Lobster Mac & Cheese

New Year’s Eve is fast approaching and what better way to celebrate it than to have a light and succulent baked dish. I know everyone loves Mac & Cheese and with the cooked lobster meat incorporated into the dish heightens it more and gives it that special and year -ender feel. Not only is this […] Read More

Stuffed Italian Sausage Balls

Are you prepared for the holiday meals? Is everything all set for you? If you’ve answered yes to both then you’re in good shape. However if you need some last minute appetizer with minimal preparation but with maximum flavor, then this one’s for you! I know most of you have tried Italian sausage before and […] Read More