White Meat

Buffalo Chicken Salad

Looking for a healthier dinner recipe with minimal amount of prep and cooking required? Ever thought of doing a salad and thinking that it won’t be boring like the other usual ones? I guess I got your attention already and believe me I can eat this salad daily and still enjoy it. Everybody loves buffalo […]

Black Friday Turkey Salad

Black Friday, the day after our tummies are filled to the brim and the day our wallets are flattened with all the hot sales and shopping deals around. However this day won’t be an excuse to eat healthy and not have the time to cook at all right? For most of us who have prepared […]

Chicken Pakora with Imli Chutney (Tamarind Sauce)

Introduction: “This recipe is one of the most famous and unique Indian recipe which is normally used as an appetizer. This dish is a perfect fusion of East and West where you can enjoy chicken stuffed in gram flour (normally called Besin in East) and the delicious addition of specific Indian spices makes it a […]