Complete BBQ Chicken Dinner in the Slow Cooker

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I found this recipe here: boneless chicken breasts barbecue sauce …

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25 thoughts on “Complete BBQ Chicken Dinner in the Slow Cooker

  1. This was great. I cut the potatoes smaller as you suggested. Who would
    have thought a whole meal in the crock pot! Thanks 

  2. Thanks for making this video. Im going to sure make this but without the
    corn. Recipe is just what i need

  3. Here’s a random tip for the morning congestion… First thing after you
    wake up drink a glass of water with lemon juice. Fresh or concentrate. It
    should help clear your sniffles for the day :)

  4. My significant other loves this recipe!! Thank you so very much and
    continue to show us more!!!!

  5. Oops.. LOL. Just added this to my list of meals to make in my crock pot!
    Those potatoes look so good! Emu? LOL

  6. The word I said was ‘imu’, which is Hawaiian. It is a pit in the ground
    that is used to cook our food

  7. Thanks 🙂 I just saw one going around where you do it with a 3/4 inch steak
    covered with steak sauce, then top it with a piece of tin foil before your
    potatoes and corn. Yum!

  8. The directions should be in the description box below the video 🙂

  9. P.S. Forgot to add that it is nice to hear your mom laugh and enjoy herself
    after everything that she’s recently been through. Yay, Mom!

  10. This looks delicioso!!! Thank you for sharing! Quick question, I have a
    small crockpot how much meat would be ideal to be able to get all the
    ingredients in without losing space? Thank you! Keep the crockpot recipes
    coming because I need more healthy ideas!!! 🙂 PS I like how you respond to
    the rude comments in a very professional way but probably still make them
    feel completely ridiculous!! lol!!

  11. Thanks for the recipe! U clearly stated why u did what you decided to do
    in ur recipe. People need to actually listen to the video.,. 🙂 He’s quite

  12. Looks good! How strong is the coconut flavor? Does the milk make the dish
    sweet at all or is the sweetness covered up by the other flavors?

  13. I love this recipe!!! I am back to do it again!!! My family loves it and
    my husband loves the fact that I am seeking healthier recipes to make for
    all of us!!! Do you have any other recipes that you could share crock pot

  14. “Learn how to use a knife or you’ll cut a finger” Also, get a cutting board
    that doesn’t move -_-

  15. Awesome,its a great way to cook and save time. It can be made to all kinds
    of healthy meals too.

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