Crock Pot Monday – The Most Amazing Pork Chops Ever (Crock Pot Girls)

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The Most Amazing Pork Chops Ever 4 Bone in/Thick cut pork chops 1 can cream of chicken soup 1 envelope onion soup mix 1 envelope dry pork gravy mix 1 1/2 cup…
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23 thoughts on “Crock Pot Monday – The Most Amazing Pork Chops Ever (Crock Pot Girls)

  1. i did almost the exact same recipe today ! i used pork country ribs 1 can
    cream of chicken n 1 can of cream of mushroom and 1 packet of italian good
    seasoning dressing packet. no water or broth needed, it will be to thin.
    cooked it in crock pot on medium 8 hours, AWESOME i do ur recipe also but i
    never add any liquid. ty 4 sharing . i bet white dry wine would be great in
    place of the broth ! have a great day. hugs

  2. LMAO awesome actors. You gals should slam a bottle of wine before making
    the vid. Seriously you were so tense my screen almost cracked. That aside
    good recipe.

  3. Nothing wrong with salt. Its the glass and sand within your typical table
    salt that is causing all your problems. Use sea salt only.

  4. I tried this but I added baby carrots and red potatoes and it was

  5. There are a LOT of rude comments. How much time do you have to have on your
    hands to be patrolling the internet just to insult people? I believe that
    every person on here that left an angry comment over a crock pot meal must
    have major issues, and be a miserable wreck to be around! Everyone angry
    over crock pot ingredients, time to seek help!

  6. If you can’t say something positive, don’t criticize. It’s up to YOU to
    modify this recipe! If you want fresh herbs or other ingredients, or lower
    salt content, that’s up to you, just DO IT! Don’t rip down what you don’t
    understand. This is a niche kind of a service, it is free, deal with it.

  7. I enjoy the video/recipe. I am a cook, and have no issues w/ what you use
    in your ingredients.Most are able to modify very easily. This is the USA,
    you have many options in order to find what you like, want or need.IF you
    find things that do not appeal to you move on or THINK IT DON’T SPEAK IT!
    Your negatives remarks about this video/recipe the video are childish and
    rude.I hope no one speaks to your family or kids in this way because they
    feel there is a fault with their creativity.Grow up.

  8. Read the directions on your Crock pot. I have one like it and I made the
    mistake of locking it while cooking. That’s a no no. The locks are only for
    when transporting.

  9. This is about as smooth as a slow train wreck…”YAWL!” You took some great
    looking meat then cooked it in a bunch of crap..Try cutting up a real
    onion..use chicken stock or bouillon..spices..garlic..instead of using all
    that fake stuff.Better luck next time.. 😉

  10. Cambell’s does have a heart healthy lower sodium cream of chicken soup.
    Also, you can skip the soup mixes by using 2 TBS of Kitchen Bouquet and a
    half of a real onion finely diced. The chicken broth you don’t need as it
    is already in the cream soup so just use a little water and you will be
    fine. It won’t make a difference. You can also use onion flakes if you want
    – I just like real onion. A recipe isn’t bad because of salt content – you
    just have to learn to adjust the recipes.

  11. I made this recipe. I would recommend boneless pork chops. The meat will
    fall off the bone. I had to dig out the bones before we ate and some were
    very small. Great recipe.

  12. @dianaj54 I was simply offering an opinion, not “ripping it down” and I do
    understand — I was simply making a request of a couple of women who have a
    great website. Don’t be so offended and read it with such abrasiveness;
    you’re taking my comment wrong if that is the case.

  13. I am really enjoying the recipes….but honestly, I find myself becoming
    bored waiting for the ingredients to be introduced because this process is
    so slow in all your videos as if you are allowing time for us all to write
    it down. Meanwhile, the other girl stands there smiling looking like shes
    posing for a picture.

  14. if you mixed it in the crock pot BEFORE you added the pork chops, you
    wouldn’t have to dirty an extra dish 🙂

  15. @Signe52003 LOL, if I had their creativity in the kitchen, I wouldn’t need
    to look up recipes online and then follow them word-for-word! 🙂

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