Diet recipes?

Question by Chrissy: Diet recipes?
I need some help and advice…I want to stop eating out so much and would like some recipes or some ideas on some meals I can make at home…not only healthier for me, but to help me lose weight. I know that boneless/skinless chicken is best, and of course fish, but how are some ways you can cook these and some seasoning to make them better? I’m not the most talented at cooking so I need some advice. Thanks

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Answer by chris w
Many weight watcher recipes here

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  1. Try Weight You don’t need to be a member to access the recipes. Also, a lot of cooking sites have links for lighter recipes-try

  2. Good for you working to get healthy! You’ll also find that you save money in the longrun and develop a better appreciation for food in general.

    Boneless/skinless chicken and fish are both excellent choices, but sometimes a lean piece of pork has even less fat than the chicken, and you don’t have to cut all red meat out of your diet unless your cholesterol is way off the charts. Variety is important to a healthy diet, too.

    In general, if you can bake, poach, saute, or steam something, then it’s going to be better for you than frying. But sometimes a bit of frying is fine. Just don’t do the deep-fat thing and stick with oils like olive, sunflower, and various nut oils rather than large amounts of butter, shortening or lard. These help you get enough healthy fats to help keep you heart healthy and balance your cholesterol so you have more HDL (healthy) and less LDL (unhealthy) in your system.

    With most fruits and vegetables, the less you cook them, the healthier they are. This is great news for unskilled cooks, because it means a raw salad is actually better for you than a cooked vegetable you’re not sure you know how to cook.

    For flavor, turn to herbs, spices, flavored vinegars, citrus juices, cooking with wine. All of these add flavor without adding much in the way of fat, cholesterol, calories, or sodium. Oh, and the fresher the herbs the better. If you have a green thumb you can grow the ones you like to use a lot right in your kitchen in little pots.

    Keep in mind that if something smells good, it usually tastes good. If it smells bad, it usually tastes bad. The sense of smell and the sense of taste are very closely related. So when choosing fruits, sniff them. If that peach doesn’t smell like a peach, it won’t taste like one, either. When you’re about to add a seasoning to a pot, smell the seasoning, then smell the pot – or vice versa; it can go in either order – and decide if they smell good together. If they do, fire away! If not, put the seasoning down.

    Here are a couple websites with good, tasty, healthy recipes for you. Many of them are very easy to make as well.

    That second one is the website for Cooking Light magazine. If you’re looking to learn to cook, eat and live in a healthier way, I highly recommend getting a subscription. They have regular articles on easy cooking, the latest news on nutrition, simple exercise programs you can follow at home, and how to lighten up old favorite recipes so they’re just as tasty but don’t weigh you down.

    Good luck to you! Once you learn your way around a kitchen, it’s amazing how much fun it can be to plan and cook healthy meals.

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