Does anyone have a good diet recipe?

Question by –: Does anyone have a good diet recipe?
Im not into salads lol but please if any of you all have a recipe that works while working out let me have it. I need it fast!!:)

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Answer by Olivia
Diet recipes… don’t have any. But if you google a salmon recipe. Fish are great for diets.
I don’t really know how to cook but giving that I still eat and have had effective diets I know that
my maple syrup and brown sugar oatmeal was effective as breakfast. A turkey sandwich with a little bit of lowfat mayo, lettuce and tomato was good for lunch. special k bar or some kind of granola bar that has a set portion is okay. Just watch the sugar content. And for dinner vegetables and fruit are good fillers for me. The trick with me was to eat the higher calorie foods earlier in the day. Hope you find a diet recipe though!

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