Easy Crock Pot Recipe: How to Make Corned Beef and Cabbage

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Easy Crock Pot Recipe: How to Make Corned Beef and Cabbage.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

I show you how to make a low country boil in a crockpot. This was delicious. This is also known as Frogmore stew. I got this recipe out of my Betty Crocker S…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

23 thoughts on “Easy Crock Pot Recipe: How to Make Corned Beef and Cabbage

  1. Really good vid Audrey, a small observation you could wear a remote mic it
    would give your voice and sound a deeper effect. Smiles B)))

  2. What bread do you guys use I use the rye bread with the caraway seeds

  3. Do you have any issues with the fatty foam? I was told to add the season
    seeds after the fatty foam is removed? 

  4. Can’t forget the Reuben sandwich…silly! Looks great though! Nice video! 

  5. Love low country boil. I never thought about doing it until I saw Martha
    Stewart set out some of the cooking liquid as a dipping sauce. Yum!

  6. To Start, Why did you add so much liquid if you were going to add more
    ingredients? Seems stupid to me. 

  7. I’ve replied to you each time you’ve asked here and on Facebook. This will
    be the last time I do so. I have not made a chocolate powdered sugar icing

  8. Yummy! We love our country boil. We are in SC and it’s called Beaufort Stew
    around here. Great job!

  9. I really haven’t played with it enough to make a real decision, but right
    now, after the two uses, I’m going with not a super fan. I guess for the
    price I expected it to perform miracles, and they sure do a good job
    selling it on their infomercials. I still have to give it a few more tries
    though and use ALL of the things I purchased it for before I can give it
    any real feedback, however

  10. Erica, you can most definitely use a dutch oven .. I would say low and slow.

  11. Kitty lost, unfortunately. I dumped it. I just don’t trust it with the cat
    hair, even with washing it off HAHA I’m weird like that. If it is wet, no 5
    second rule. If it is not a wet object, say, an M&M? That sucker gets blown
    off and eaten HAHAHA

  12. what…only two comments? well, i have never seen anything like this…cant
    say it sounds appealing but it was still fun to watch! i think that ninja
    isnt deep enough!

  13. Hehe same here, mine likes all of the above. Occasionaly, I give him a
    sliver or two of raw beef while I’m cooking. (If I see that the meet looks
    REALLY fresh.) The problem with the tuna is that he knows the sound of a
    can now, so even if I’m opening a can of diced tomatoes, he comes running
    with his little nose up scanning for tuna! hehe Sorry to lose the topic of
    the boil!

  14. looks super yummy want to try this but maybe without shrimp =( allergies to
    sea food what is the bird noise sounds beautiful i thought a dove .. but i
    know nothing about birds ..lol

  15. Looks yummy!! I bet the liquid would make a really good soup stock the next
    day also!!!

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