Easy to Make Chicken Recipes for Crock Pot

Easy to Make Chicken Recipes for Crock Pot

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Many people nowadays prefer cooking with a crock pot. The new invention enables chicken recipes to cook slowly without any smells being generated. The machine enables slow cooking at low temperatures to avoid burning. It also gives time for the chili flavor to penetrate into the chicken and thus produce delicious food. There are several chicken recipes for crock pot available. The recipes are easy to prepare, since one only need to set the timer and the food will cook slowly. The following are the steps to follow when preparing the best chili recipe ever.


1. 1 pound of boneless chicken

2. 1 chopped onion

3. 2 carrots cut into pieces

4. 1 spoonful of thyme

5. Pinch of salt

6. chicken cube

7. Olive oil

8. 2 cups of water

9. 1 spoonful of pepper

10. ½ cup of flour


The Chicken recipes for crock pot require the olive oil be placed in the pot, and allowed to cook. One is then supposed to add the chopped onions into the pot. The onion should be left to turn golden brown. As this is done, the chicken recipe requires combining the dry spices with the chicken piece. The flour should be used to dredge the chicken on a bowl. It is essential to leave the chicken piece for a few minutes. This will enable the spices to percolate into the chicken.

The chicken recipes for crock pot then require adding the chicken pieces to the crock pot. The lid should be placed on the pot, and the chicken piece left to simmer. This mixture should be left for about 5 minutes. The chicken recipes for crock require that the chicken cooks slowly in order to avoid over cooking. The crock pot should be set at a low temperature.

This will also help to avoid over cooking. The spices will also percolate through the chicken pieces. This is necessary in order to accentuate the chili recipe.

After the 5 minutes have elapsed, this chicken recipes for crock pot requires the addition of the rest of the vegetables. The lid should be placed back again on the crock pot. The mixture should be left to cook for another 5 minutes. The temperature should be kept low at all times. After the five minutes are over, these chicken recipes need the addition of water. The water should be adequate to cover the mixture on the pot.


The chicken recipes mixture should be left to cook slowly for around 3 to 4 hours. This time is adequate for the chicken to cook fully and become tender. The vegetables will also be well cooked after this period. The temperatures should be kept low in order to simmer the mixture slowly. After the food is done, it should be served while hot. The chicken recipes can be served with rice, French fries or any other dish as desired. This chicken recipes for crock pot should not be eaten by people with a heart condition because of the hot chili.

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