French Baguette – How to Make Baguettes at Home – No-Knead French Bread Recipe

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Learn how to make French Baguette! Go to for the ingredient amounts, extra i…
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Best No Knead Bread Recipe

This is my version of Jim Lahey’s (Sullivan Street Bakery) No-Knead Bread Recipe. It doesn’t have the huge holes in the finished loaf as pictured in some of …

44 thoughts on “French Baguette – How to Make Baguettes at Home – No-Knead French Bread Recipe

  1. You can never make good baguettes with all purpose flower:
    This is because of the protein % in the flower and the water it can
    absorb,… With normal flour you’ll never have the same crunch as with
    strong bread flower you want a protein % of at least 11%
    2kg or 15 3/4 cups of strong bread flower
    60gr or 3 tbsp of salt
    30gr or 1.07 oz fresh yeast
    1kg or 7 3/4 cup of flower
    1L or 4 cups of water
    10 gr or 0.36 oz of fresh yeast

    mix water and yeast, slowly add the flower while stirring.
    Scrape the sides of tho bowl cover and let it rest for 3 hours.
    You will see bubbles.

    Mix the poolish with the rest of the ingredients and knead for 15 to 18
    minutes. (knead well). When you stretch the dough with your fingertips you
    need to be able too see through the dough (almost). you need a very elastic
    dough the temperature of the dough should be between 22 and 25°C (73 and 77
    Cover and let rest for 1.30 hours after 45 minutes flip the dough and fold
    onto itself.
    Divide into portions (depends on the size you want) Make long but don’t
    stretch the dough put seam side down. cover and let rest for 10 minutes.
    for the next part watch this: /watch?v=RgqPli_sLLM (2.21) length depends on
    portion of dough but you want about the same thickness. put the baguettes
    on a baking tray and let rest for 45 minutes to 1 hour. Make incisions and
    bake in the oven with steam at 230°C -446°F.

  2. 12-14 hours?? then another 1.5 hours?? I’m gonna do this in 1.5 hours
    total, then I’m gonna eat them and love it while I do..

  3. Re “you think I’m afraid of baguettes that aren’t all the same size? I
    don’t think so”…um…no…you brave man and funny too. I am in the
    process of making these and just realized my packages of fleischmans fast
    rising are expired by two months. Hope it still works. I think it will.
    Thanks for all your good instruction. I could never follow a recipe book
    but videos so much better. I am not “ascared” anymore.

  4. Just when my wife decides we are going gluten free in 2014, I come across

  5. Making this now…it is so so so so important to heavily flour the cling
    wrap before covering the second rise. Even then it stuck to the wrap. Argh!
    Next time I will cover with a plastic bowl that doesn’t even touch the

  6. Oh Chef John, I made baguettes today and my husband and I loved them. They
    were wonderful and easy. I did get scared when I was mixing up the dough
    and rolling them out, but they came wonderfully. This is now my go to
    recipe. Thanks so much!

  7. Woah, 550 degrees? My Silpat came with instructions that said don’t exceed
    480 degrees O__O I’m scared to even go over 450! 

  8. Chef John, I always love your recipes as it is, but thanks, especially, for
    this one! Easy to follow, fun to make, and it comes out heavenly. Thanks

  9. Loved, loved, LOVED the narration! So awesome, I can’t wait to try these
    myself :)

  10. Wonder if using a stainless steel pot would also work..with stainless
    handles of course. 

  11. I make this all the time and variations. Right now I am using the same
    method, basic recipe adding honey and oats to the dough. I’ve been doing no
    knead breads for 5 yrs now, Lahey method and the ABin5 which I like better
    when adding dairy. I just found out about dough enhancers as I want to
    start baking more whole grains. Is that what the vinegar is for? You can
    also use ascorbic acid (Vit C) also.

  12. Thank you so much for sharing!!! so easy and my family love this bread.I
    also add to my flour some bread seasoning i buy from Marshal’s or TJ Maxx
    Thanks again!!

  13. Never fails to impress me how many ways you can bake bread, this method
    looked strange at 1st but turned into a decent bake. #bread #baking 

  14. BTW, I see you use instant yeast which is all I use. You do not have to
    proof it. I throw it right into the dry ingredients.

  15. Everybody in my family calls me Uncle Bob. I have a heavy Boston accent
    which makes it difficult for a worldwide YouTube audience to understand! I
    also think people retain the information better if you read it as opposed
    to hearing it.

  16. I tried a loaf of homemade at a friend’s house, loved it and wanted to make
    my own! Tried several recipes before discovering my No Knead one and
    haven’t tried any others…yet.

  17. I put it in my oven and put the light on as well. It is proofing but not as
    mutch as yours was yet. So I will leave it for a bit longer when I leave
    the house and see what it looks like when get home.

  18. It costs very little to make a loaf of bread with this recipe. Saving a few
    dollars and having good bread is a double win!

  19. I saw you kneading the dough with the spatula thingy, therefore this is’nt
    a ”No knead recipe.”

  20. A covered heavy weight cooking vessel is needed for this recipe. Changing
    the cook pot won’t work with these cook times. You can experiment with a
    bread pan but I’ve never tried baking no knead bread this way.

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