how do you find the recipes that are on pinterest?

Question by Steve: how do you find the recipes that are on pinterest?
I don’t get it. I see all these photos of great food ideas, but would like to find the recipes that go with the picture. Shouldn’t there be links or something? Pinterest is confusing to me.

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Answer by nursienurse
Click on the picture and you will go to a larger picture and then click on this picture and you should go to the site with the recipe. However, on some sites you have to look for the recipe or other information.
Sometimes, you can’t find the recipe at all but most are easy to find.

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  1. I just started using Pinterest myself and found that it was kind of confusing, as well. What I have found that works most of the time is to click on the pinned item that looks tasty to get to that item then click on the larger image. Most of the time you will be taken to a blog or other website that has the recipe listed. Sometimes you may have to search within the site or page for the recipe or a link to the recipe, but it has been there most of the time. Even if the recipe wasn’t listed, there is probably a description or other article concerning said recipe. Try doing a search for the title of the recipe. If it is from a well known chef, author or website, you should be able to get a hit. I know that a considerable amount of the pinned recipes are Martha Stewart creations, so try her recipe website, as well.

    I have found that it gave me a lot of different ideas for something that I already make. I make marshmallows and meringues and got about 2 years worth of ideas from Pinterest submissions that had never occurred to me. Even though not all the recipes are listed, I am familiar enough with the techniques for making these so that I was easily able to substitute the new flavor or style into my standard recipes.

    So if all else fails, just do a Yahoo (or Google) search for the name of the recipe and you might just get a hit that matches the image shown on Pinterest.

    Good luck.

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