Newest Loss weight fast =how to Fat Los= Fan

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20 thoughts on “Newest Loss weight fast =how to Fat Los= Fan

  1. @wasdare32 Nutrition and supplementation is 85% of the way I look. Sorry
    bro but you’re wrong again. The gym is only 6 hours a week. YOU ARE WHAT
    YOU EAT. If there is one thing I know its how to live a disease free life
    and to build a lean, muscular body.

  2. @SuperGreedz WTF? LOL Do what you want. Very scientific reason you chose.
    “He’s ripped”. They are not supposedly bad, they are carcinogens (cancer
    causing) and kill the good bacteria in your gut which lead to many health
    problems that surface as different symptoms, plus many other unhealthy
    things. If you want to ingest food dyes, toxic sugar and carcinogens be my
    guest. These things build up in your body over decades and cause chronic

  3. @S90DayR Muscle and fat are two different things…..muscle doesn’t turn to
    fat and fat doesn’t turn to muscle. Having more lean muscle helps to burn
    more fat though. Dont worry about your weight …..muscle weighs more than
    fat…..its how you LOOK that matters

  4. Protein, Water, sugar, glutamine and leucine. Yeah fructose is not good
    post workout.

  5. @wasdare32 AND 2 shakes = 5 meals. You must not look too hard. The first
    place I checked (even though I know the answer) in bodybuilding dot said:
    For most weight-gainers, .5 pounds per week would be an even more realistic
    goal as they reach their genetic limit. That = 2 lb a month and 24 lb a

  6. @totalhealth4life Can’t read? My add blocker blocks the captions sometimes
    for some reason. It’s just you used rice milk because you said milk was
    bad, but then put ice cream in your shake? Thats what got me confused.

  7. @totalhealth4life It apparently works for you, not going to lie. If you’re
    truly all natural, then you did a good job. I just don’t agree with
    everything you said. I’ve never heard of more than 1 gram per pound, but it
    doesn’t matter too much. And from what I’ve seen and heard, it’s better to
    space your meals out and eat 4-6 times a day rather than pigging out 3
    times. But perfect nutrition and getting the right amounts of nutrients
    will only help you gain maybe an extra pound of muscle a year.

  8. I love how people are so quick to criticize on the Internet. I doubt most
    of these people calling him retarded for using ice cream in his shake would
    ever say that to his face in the real world. Obviously something is working
    for him lol. Thanks for the vid

  9. It would be a shame for you not to bulk up when other normal people are
    able to build muscle so easily using “Smashing Ripped X” (search for it on

  10. the reason people wanna gain fat is because when you workout a portion of
    the fat is turned into muscle this is how you get “big” the more fat you
    get and the more of it you burn so when you have lots of fat you can get
    HUGE like this guy as to just a athletic person with muscular small arms
    and pecks.

  11. actully @ricenuudle is correct fat will turn into muscle its not actully
    the fat its self but fat helps “feed” the muscle also when you workout for
    a certin amount of time it breaks away at muscle tissue if you have fat it
    feeds the muscle and doesnt allow it to break down

  12. I almost expected you to say “I’m Rico Conner from wwE world wrestling

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