Newest webkinz clothing machine recipes

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wow!!! someone found 2 new recipes! i made a video of it hope this helps! * THANKS FOR ALL THE VIEWSSS!!!**
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20 thoughts on “Newest webkinz clothing machine recipes

  1. here is a recipe grovey jeans -Chalk dress -Cuffed jeans and -Rainbow boots

  2. @aerosmithkid228 thanks. sorry i couldn’t reply earlier. i had lots of
    homework. well we can still be friends if u tell me ur account. ill go on
    webkinz and put it on the phone thingy. then ull get a message saying
    nsavant wants to be ur friend.(im nsavant)and then u click yes and we’re
    friends.simple as that

  3. if you need anymore stuff on webkinz you can go to my other channel-

  4. like the song title is i want u to tell me something i dont know. cause i
    know these

  5. @erm1223 ok lol if you want to add me im on webkinz right now so if yah
    want to show me anytime today i can come i’m a border collie sophie

  6. omg thanks so much this time its not something that ive already made thanx

  7. @aerosmithkid228 thx ur so nice. im sure ull get lots of subscribsions and
    ull find the new recipies. and as for my sister well i made a new password
    and shes been grounded for a whole year! wanna be friends on webkinz? my
    account is nsavant. and well now i know round and round….er sorta i just
    know the parts when she says round and round

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