Italian Corkscrew Pasta Ragu

                                              CONTAINS AN ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE ½ cup light beer FISH/SEAFOOD tuna steak MEAT ½ flank steak PASTA ¾ lb corkscrew pasta SPICY VEGETABLE ¼ cup seeded, sliced, minced jalapeno pepper VEGETABLE 2 cup chopped olive 1 stalk chopped celery 3 cup trimmed asparagus 7 cup cubed eggplant  2½ cup grated fontina HERB  1½ tbsp chopped […] Read More

Super Simple Bolognese Sauce

Why buy a Jarred Sauce when you can make your own at home quickly and easily? And did I tell you that this Super Simple Bolognese Sauce is healthier? Yes it is, because of the absence of the usual preservatives you may get from jarred sauces. This recipe utilizes fresh vegetables and “REAL” flavors which […] Read More