The Best Pizza Dough Ever Recipe

As a pizza lover, this recipe got my attention in a second. It is very hard to find a pizza that fulfills my expectations of an original pizza dough recipe. Most true pizza lovers know very well that if the dough is not of the very best quality, you are destined to experience the upsetting […] Read More

Q&A: New York style pizza recipe?

Question by JulieB: New York style pizza recipe? Is it possible to make such a pizza at home…and if so does anyone have a good recipe? Best answer: Answer by Olivia LPizza Dough Recipe For the pizza dough, throw the following ingredients into a bread maker and set to the pizza dough setting – 350g […] Read More

Salam . simplest bread pizza recipe?

Question by Islamic person: Salam . simplest bread pizza recipe? i want a really simple recipe for bread pizza or just pizza. Thanks Best answer: Answer by haajGet dough, shape it, put tomato sauce and cheese and cook it. Very simple. What do you think? Answer below! Read More