Diet recipes?

Question by Chrissy: Diet recipes? I need some help and advice…I want to stop eating out so much and would like some recipes or some ideas on some meals I can make at home…not only healthier for me, but to help me lose weight. I know that boneless/skinless chicken is best, and of course fish, […] Read More

Who can fast with these recipes around?

Who can fast with these recipes around? The humble and reflective season of Lent is upon us. This time of the year, for 40 days, Christians reflect on all they have been given and at what cost. Some step up their appreciation by charitable giving, sacrificing something and fasting. Fasting … Read more on Pinebluffspost […] Read More

Are Pinterest Recipes Good?

Question by Snappy: Are Pinterest Recipes Good? Best answer: Answer by Crystal VioletThey are kind of gathered from all over the the web…. so I still think it’s hit or miss. They almost always have great pictures – but when you click to learn more about 60% have some kind of serious flaw in recipe […] Read More

Beauty recipe book: Eat it AND apply it!

Beauty recipe book: Eat it AND apply it! founder Alexis Wolfer's new book, 'The Recipe for Radiance,' proves beauty starts in the kitchen. She bounces between recipes to eat — like a skin-brightening chicken wrap —and DIY beauty recipes like a lemonade salt scrub. Read more on New York Daily News IBM's 'computational creativity' […] Read More


Recipes Chinese starter recipes can be a great option whether you are catering for a dinner party or a buffet. You can serve a Chinese starter recipe before any main course cuisine and you might even want to serve a Chinese starter before a traditional western main meal. Examples of tasty Chinese starters recipes include […] Read More

Lastest Martha Stewart Recipe News

It's not just your grandmother's matzah anymore … with new recipes and flavors for the large cracker with a big place at the Seder table — but a bad rep in the taste department. “It turns out it's a pretty darn good canvas,” said Lucinda Scala Quinn, executive editorial director of food at Martha … […] Read More


Recipes More Chinese Starters Ideas There are lots of vegetarian Chinese starters you can make. What about homemade egg rolls or spring rolls with cabbage, mushrooms and bean sprouts inside or vegetarian dumplings? Stuffed mushrooms or zucchini work well and you can use spiced rice as the filling. Chinese chicken wings are great at a […] Read More