Healthy Grilled Salmon

Salmon as we all know it is a great and healthy fish which is rich in omega 3’s without that added fat. Salmon may also be a great source of protein and will be your best choice in going into a diet without sacrificing great flavors. In this recipe of mine, I’ve highlighted the Salmon […] Read More

Q&A: Martha Stewart salmon recipe?

Question by Susie S: Martha Stewart salmon recipe? I’m trying to find the Martha Stewart salmon recipe that is baked. I think it is topped with olive oil and maybe just a few other seasonings, but it is very light. Does anyone know of this recipe or something similar to it? If not, what is […] Read More

Does anyone have a good diet recipe?

Question by –: Does anyone have a good diet recipe? Im not into salads lol but please if any of you all have a recipe that works while working out let me have it. I need it fast!!:) Best answer: Answer by OliviaDiet recipes… don’t have any. But if you google a salmon recipe. Fish […] Read More