10 thoughts on “Turkey Meatballs ⎢ Jessica Alba ⎢Martha Stewart

  1. Wow, 1000 peoples love this product and give positif reviews, check here
    Great investment. We were skeptical but this was the best and juiciest
    turkey we have ever had. We fixed an 11 lb test turkey and it was gone in 2
    days (just two of us, and I usually don’t like turkey). Then we fixed an 18
    lb for Thanksgiving with this and fixed another 12 lb in the oven the usual
    way and we ended up with just about the whole oven turkey only for
    leftovers (10 people).

  2. Actress Jessica Alba shows how to make kid-friendly turkey meatballs, a
    recipe she created with her toddler in mind, so that they could prepare —
    and enjoy — them together.

  3. I was just thinking the same thing. So I decided to scroll through the
    comments to see if anyone else noticed.

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