what was the recipe from Martha Stewart?

Question by Haris Wilton: what was the recipe from Martha Stewart?
this recipe was done on the The Martha Stewart show, pre-arrest and everything, It was for garlic potatoes, but she didn’t mash them. It was quite some time ago when I last remember the actual recipe, I just know the basics of it. It called for:

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Potatoes – sliced about an inch thick
Garlic- mashed into a paste
Olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste

I remember she mashed them up and she smoothed it inbetween the potato slices and then wrapped them in the tinfoil and baked them, (I don’t remember, maybe it was grilled.)
But can someone help me find the recipe? Thank you so much.

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Answer by Dave
I’m sorry, but Martha is NOT a chef. I doubt if she can even cook. She is an IDEA person, so if she inspired you to try a different METHOD of making potatoes than she has accomplished more than others. This is oven cooking or grill fare – nothing original. Pleezee….never mention her name again associated with a recipe, as everything she knows is ‘stolen’ from a competent cook!

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  1. I’ve done sliced potatoes wrapped in tinfoil on a BBQ grill before. I suppose you could toss them with roasted garlic instead of onions and bake them. Roast the garlic ahead of time in foil, then slice it open and mash it into a paste with 1 tbsp olive oil. Then toss the potato slices with it, wrap them in a tinfoil pouch, salt and pepper… try 375F for 45 mins.

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